SIS II - Right of access

Persons whose personal data are collected, held or otherwise processed in the second generation Schengen Information System II (SIS II) are entitled to rights of access, correction of inaccurate data and deletion of unlawfully stored data.

The Guide for Exercising the Right of Access describes the modalities for exercising those rights. For more information read the summary of the guide.

In Italy requests for access SIS II information should be submitted by post, mail or fax to:

Ministero dell'Interno
Dipartimento della pubblica sicurezza

Direzione centrale della polizia criminale
V Divisione - N.SIS
via Torre di Mezzavia n. 9
00173 Roma


Fax: + 39 0646540950

On receiving a request for information the Office will deal with the request.

A copy of the identity document must be provided and – where applicable – a copy of the legal authorisation to represent the applicant. Requests are free of charge.

Once information has been obtained a request may be made for the data to be completed, corrected or deleted.

If the answer provided to a request is considered to be unsatisfactory, data subjects may lodge, free of charge, a complaint with the Garante per la protezione dei dati personali at the address reported below:

Garante per la protezione dei dati personali
Piazza Venezia, n. 11
00187 Roma

In order to expedite the processing of such a complaint, it should be drawn up, if possible, in Italian, English, French or German and undersigned by the data subject concerned or the person duly representing him/her, contain a summary description of the grounds on which it is lodged, and be accompanied by a photocopy of a suitable valid ID pertaining to the data subject.

Complaints should be sent preferably by mail rather than by facsimile, in order to ensure that all the documents are fully readable. They must contain appropriate contact details for the complainant, if possible the latter´s mail address, in order to facilitate correspondence.