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Telephone Directories

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Telephone Directories
In 2005, the provisions adopted in 2004 concerning telephone directories were implemented; accordingly, as for fixed telephony, 22 millions users received the forms to specify whether and how their personal data and preferences should be reported in the printed or electronic directories. About 5 million users replied, of whom about 10% specified that they accepted to be contacted for marketing and commercial purposes. As for the rest, i.e. those that failed to reply, they will continue to be under the previous regime in accordance with the respective contractual agreements.

"Yellow Pages": Business Phone Directories
In a provision issued in July 2005, the criteria for compiling business listings such as yellow pages or similar directories were set out. In particular, no consent by the relevant business entities is required for the compilers and publishers of these directories to prepare the listings, as the information to be processed is related to the performance of business activities and is exempted, as such, from consent obligations under the law. However, data quality requirements must be abided by: data must be accurate, complete and updated. If the data are taken from the recently established "unified database" (including all data on fixed and mobile telephony subscribers as well as holders of pre-paid card phones), all the accompanying preferences as listed in the database will have to be taken into account (e.g. it will not be possible to include the names of those entities that have opted out of being included in telephone directories). A simplified information notice to be used by the publishers of these listings was also drafted.


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