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Revenue and Taxation Services

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Revenue and Taxation Services

The DPA addressed several issues related to collection and use of personal data for the investigations carried out by revenue and taxation services under the law. In the light of the innovations brought about by the 2005 Budget Act to enhance the information-gathering potential of the competent authorities, it was stressed that:

a) the exchange of personal data via electronic networks for banking investigations should take place in compliance with data minimisation and proportionality principles, i.e. by having regard to specific cases and targeted activities (no blanket collection of data is admissible);

b) rather than duplicating databases at the revenue service, the financial authorities should take steps to ensure that the required personal information can be extracted electronically from the existing public and private databases already containing such information;

c) specific safeguards should be implemented in using and retaining personal data contained in and/or extracted from the register of bank and savings accounts, out-of-court statements, and cadastre and mortgage registers (especially if the information is exploited for commercial purposes) as well as in respect of the electronic transmission of sick leave certificates to social security agencies.



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