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Privacy: Cooperation Agreement between Italy and Albania



Privacy: Cooperation Agreement between Italy and Albania
The Agreement envisages coordinated inspections also on Italian call centres established in Albania

A Cooperation Agreement was entered into by the Italian and the Albanian DPA on 10 February. The Agreement aims to ensure the protection of both Italian and Albanian citizens´ personal data in respect of the collection and use of such data by public or private bodies operating in Albania – where several Italian companies moved their customer assistance centres over the past few years.

The Agreement envisages joint inspection activities to be carried out at both public administrative bodies and private entities including the call centres operating in Albania; the underlying objectives include the exchange of experience and know-how; the handling of complaints lodged by citizens of either country; the provision of support in drafting reports and analyses, and regulatory updates.

The Agreement marked the conclusion of several meetings and training events held at the Italian DPA.

Contact persons for the two DPAs were appointed with a view to implementing the Agreement.

Rome, 13 February 2015


The Heads of the two DPAs signing the cooperation agreement