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Electronic Passport

Further to the EU Regulation setting out the requirements applying to electronic passports, on 29 December 2005 the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a Decree on electronic passports after consulting with the DPA. The decree provides for inclusion of an RFID proximity chip in the passport cover, to store the image of the holder´s face and the fingerprints of both his/her forefingers in interoperable format in addition to the information already contained in the paper document (data on holder, etc.). The biometric elements stored in the chip may only be used for the purpose of verifying authenticity of the document and the holder´s identity via comparative elements that must be available directly, where the law requires submission of a passport and/or any other travel documents. The biometric data collected in order to issue the passport will not be stored in a centralised database.


  •  Passaporto elettronico 26 luglio 2005 [doc. web n.  1153396]




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